Konica digital

Every day, and all around the world, more and more pictures are being produced digitally. Digital cameras are being used increasingly, whether it’s to capture special moments with family and friends, or by press photographers operating in the world’s hot-spots.

Digital imaging brings a new immediacy, with the opportunity to see instant results and re-shoot or re-create the image if it’s not exactly how you want it. And most of all, digital imaging opens up new possibilities and sets pictures free; to be edited, printed, stored on PCs for instant access, or sent by e-mail in an instant to even the most distant loved ones.

The amazing new world of Digital
With its vast experience in imaging, Konica is well placed to get the best from the latest technology, providing digital solutions that deliver the quality you expect. Our range of digital cameras covers basic models for simple web fun, through to high resolution zoom models with advanced capabilities. Check out the full details of our digital cameras here

Digital prints
If you’re already involved in digital imaging, and making your own inkjet prints, take a look at our range of inkjet media. You won’t get better results. For more details click here

Make more of Digital
Even if you’re not ready to take the plunge with a digital camera, you can still benefit from the all the exciting possibilities offered by digital imaging. Konica Digital Photo Service shops can transform your conventional pictures into calendars, greetings cards, selective enlargements, contact sheets, album pages – the list is almost endless. Just take a look here