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Konica Medical Imaging
When we began production of medical imaging products almost seventy years ago, Konica set itself a mission to make a significant contribution towards the progress of human healthcare throughout the world. As new technology has evolved, bringing unprecedented diagnostic possibilities, Konica has continued to develop advanced imaging systems which offer medical practitioners all the benefits of the latest techniques.

Equipment like the Konica Regius 150 Cassette Radiography system provides an easy-to-use method of streamlining workflow and rapidly producing high quality diagnostic images. Conforming to Open Architecture DICOM standards, it can be integrated without difficulty into existing networks, to work with patient record systems and a wide range of printing options.

Leading its field, the Konica Drypro 722 is the fastest and highest throughput dry laser imager currently available. In conjunction with the Konica PrintLink system, it is capable of producing high definition films from MRI, CT, Ultrasound and other modalities from all major manufacturers.

Of course, Konica also produces a complete range of films for medical imaging, each noted for its outstanding image quality, consistency and cost-effectiveness. To find out more about Konica medical products, click here